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Friday, July 27, 2007
Wild Water Works

For our girl's birthdays (starting at age 3), instead of spending money on more stuff they don't need - we give them the gift of doing something as a family instead. Making memories. Today to celebrate Eden's 3rd birthday we went to Wild Water Works. It was GREAT! The girls loved it and we were there from the time it opened until 5ish. We didn't plan to stay that long but someone - not mentioning names (but the only other adult in our family) lost the key to our van while on the water slide! Ha! Ha! Good thing we had a spare at home!

The one thing I wanted to mention was my brave little Madison. She was just tall enough to go on the "body slides" (not the ones you use a tube on). So, I climb all the way up to the top with her while Mark took Eden to the kids pool area. We get to almost our turn and I ask the lifeguard "So, does she just sit in my lap or how does this work?" And to my surprise I'm told she has to go by herself down.

She's 4 years old! She's little! But she is so excited that I agree.

He suggested I go first so I can catch her at the bottom. This means I have to go down and leave my little, tiny, precious Madi at the top to come down all by herself. I go over the plan with her over and over and then I go down the slide looking over my shoulder the whole way feeling immense guilt. The water slide is long and VERY fast - and you feel like you're going to splash right over the side on some of the corners! I'm almost in tears thinking of my firstborn coming down their alone and how scared she'll be. I wait at the bottom, biting my nails, listening for Madi's crying....

And out comes Madi beaming from ear to ear laughing. "Can we do it again. Mom???" What a kid!!

It was a great day. The kids pool area was perfect for the girls ages, they loved the wave pool and lazy river tube ride. Very fun!!

We went straight from their to my parents place as they were having a family BBQ with my extended side of the family I don't see often enough as they're so spread out. WE just got home at midnight. Yawn.... Vacation is tiring!

Posted at Friday, July 27, 2007 by Krista

July 31, 2007   10:32 PM PDT
You set the scene perfectly Krista! I think i would have felt the same way as you!

Madi IS brave ... i am seriously scared on those things, you for sure feel like
you 'll slide right over the edge of those slides!!

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