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I have been married for nearly a decade to a man I met at a bus stop on my way to jail... and you know, after 10 years of marriage got to say I'm glad introduced myself to him at the bus stop!

We have a 4 year old daughter, Madison who lives in the world of imagination... she mght tell you she is a zebra named Marty, or a mermaid or a fish. But to me she is my "gift from God".

We have a two year old daughter, Eden, who repeats EVERY thing her big sister says or does. She loves accessories and never likes to leave the house without a purse, tutu, tiara, cape or hat.

I run a photography business - Krista Jefferson Photography - that has been a dream come true!

I am on a journey to "be". More like Jesus and less like me.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dad got home from delivering a plane to Yemen today - yeah! Not sure that's a place I want him to frequent. Although he's talking about going for a month ata time to fly - and mom joining him. If you know my mom at all - she will put her foot in her mouth and be stoned probably.

Madi is dillegently praying for purple eyes. Eden is praying for one purple and one red.

My girls have been fighting so much lately! Brings back memories of my childhood with my brother...

My sister Marcie babysat yesterday - not only did she come and watch the girls for the whole day on her day off... she showed up with a homemade lasagna,  cheese buns and salad for supper!

My Grandma (who is about 94) is my favourite person ever. She's been feeling sick lately. Only time she has ever been in the hospital is to have kids - which was over 60 years ago. Makes me sad to hear she's sick. I'm going up to Thunder Bay in May - can't wait to see her!

Saw "Dan in Real Life" movie the other day - loved it!!

It's official. My favourite food at a restaurant is Kelsey's spinach dip. It's not so much the dip as the fried pitas. Mmm....

At supper tonight Madi prayed: "Thank you for the food. Thank you for Eden. Thank you for mom who makes the mess. Thank you for dad who works so hard. Thank you for me and please make my eyes purple. Amen." Man - is she perceptive!

I looked through a travel magazine that surfaced in my house last week. A cruise in Greece, Turkey and Egypt was top of my list. Wow. I'd love to go to Turkey! And Tuscany still! And I spent a summer in Malta when I was 16 - would love to go back.

Mark and I are having a date night Friday - woo hoo! And the wonderful Amber is babysitting. Amber is the coolest. She does not say "sure I can do it" when asked - she says "Can we make a fort or set up a tent and watch a movie? Eat popcorn and snacks..." I LOVE AMBER!

Today Eden randomly points at Mark and yells "handsome!"

Every sentence Madi says now ends with "when I was 4" or "when I was 5". For example... "I don't like this supper - I tried it before when I was 5" (note: She is 5 now). Or "When I was 4 I didn't like getting my hair brushed". She is so age obsessed - hilarious!

Madi announced that she is having her birthday party (in Sept) at Sea World.
Yeah, we'll just fly all her friends to Florida for her bday. Good idea.

Posted at Tuesday, April 01, 2008 by Krista

Mom G
April 3, 2008   08:06 AM PDT
We'll have to show you our itinerary for September in the Mediterranean so you can help us choose excursions!
Madi must have great memories of Sea World to want to go back for her birthday.! Wouldn't that be great though!?

Love, Mom G xoxo

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