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I have been married for nearly a decade to a man I met at a bus stop on my way to jail... and you know, after 10 years of marriage got to say I'm glad introduced myself to him at the bus stop!

We have a 4 year old daughter, Madison who lives in the world of imagination... she mght tell you she is a zebra named Marty, or a mermaid or a fish. But to me she is my "gift from God".

We have a two year old daughter, Eden, who repeats EVERY thing her big sister says or does. She loves accessories and never likes to leave the house without a purse, tutu, tiara, cape or hat.

I run a photography business - Krista Jefferson Photography - that has been a dream come true!

I am on a journey to "be". More like Jesus and less like me.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Random - Eden

This morning our day started with the usual - Eden bounding into our room and announcing something. Today it was to Mark "You're the World's Greatest Dad!!" What a way for him to start the day! Other things Eden has starte dour day with in the last week...

"I found money!!!!!!!!!" (this was shouted - she climbed into the top bunk with Madi and woke her up to tell her, told Mark and I.) It was a penny she found.

"Let's pretend the house is a barn. I'm a horse. So are you. And I am a black horse and my name is black beauty and I have a bit in my mouth."

"Let's pretend.. (we hear these two words A LOT!) I'm a reindeer. And this is the North Pole. And I'm Santa's helper."

I love waking up to eden's randomness!

Today I was putting some Johnson & Johnson cream on Eden and she says "There's a baby on the bottle. I'm not a baby. I'm a big girl. (Note: she just yelled at a woman 5 minutes before for calling ehr a lady - "I'm not a lady! I'm a kid!!") I wish I had a baby brother to put this cream on. I want a baby for Christmas. And gum."

Posted at Thursday, April 10, 2008 by Krista

April 17, 2008   10:27 AM PDT
Is anyone reading your blog anymore? I love reading about your kids...they are so fun!

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