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Monday, April 21, 2008
Saying Goodbye again

On Saturday my grandma passed away.

I didn't go out of the house Saturday - cancelled all my photo shoots and stayed in with the fam. Sunday I went out for the first time - and it was almost tangible the feeling taht something in the world was amiss. There was a hole in my universe - a big gaping hole. Man - I am going tomiss her. Even though we did not speak often enough because of distance, I alays knoew she was there. Now that she is gone I realize how much I thought about her as I went through my day to day duties.

Madi has taken to sleeping with GG's photo. She feels everything so deeply.

Tomorrow we start the trek to Nestor Falls. Fly to Thunder Bay - my old home town - and then a 5 hour drive to Nestor Falls. It will be good to be back. Since I am unable to see Grandma (she is being cremated) I think being back in Nestor Falls and her absent will help me realize this is final.

I have had to deal with death of loved ones more often than I would wish - but never one that left such a big hole in my heart.

I love you GG!

You can read more about my thoughts here: www.kristajefferson.com/blog

Posted at Monday, April 21, 2008 by Krista

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