Entry: Random Friday, March 28, 2008

Nothing so relaxing as taking a nice hot shower... and having a three year old pound on the door every 30 seconds yelling "are you done yet?"

Yesterday my GPS said "turn left here" and I hear from the back seat someone sing "to the left, to the left..." Hilarious!

When I asked Madi if she learned any new french yesterday (note: she's in french immersion) she said "No, today we learned english. And Spanish. And some Chinese." How will I ever know what this kid is learning?

Yesterday driving in the van, Eden says "Let's pretend this is a boat and teh road is water..... Mom, do you know how to drive a boat? And does this boat have any music?!?" 

I am wondering how Eden every single time she drinks hot chocolate gets it from her forehead to her belly. Such a mess!!

We are reading Ramona books now - I forgot how much I love her! I'm loving that Madi is enjoying chapter books now. So much fun!
I am looking at going back to New Orleans in May to work on a photography project
that is rattling around in my mind. We'll see....

Next weekend I have a wedding - can't wait!!!!


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April 13, 2010   05:10 AM PDT

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April 1, 2008   11:06 PM PDT
Junie B. Jones is Madi. I caught her licking her shoes once because Junie B did that to make them shiny. She thinks she is Junie B - and they are so similar it's scary.

Ramona was the Junie B of my time. I re read some of them last year and laughed out loud. Very fun! You'd like them!

We have one audio book of the magic treehouse -and I was eyeing it in the Scholastic order form. Hmmm....
March 28, 2008   09:19 PM PDT
I haven't read Ramona books but I love Junie B. Jones! I've just started the Magic Treehouse books with my class as well.

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